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Sturgeon Spawning In Full Swing on the Wolf River

Photo of the day: Senior Fisheries Biologist Kendall Kamke and his “sturgeon
discount double-check” – check it out. Eat your heart out Aaron

photo WDNR ©2012

The annual spring sturgeon spawning run is on in the Wolf River. DNR fisheries biologist Ron Bruch issues daily reports on the progress of the run and on DNR tagging activity. Here’s a sample report from Tuesday, March 27:

We found more sturgeon on spawning sites to tag today despite the cold weather
this morning, ending up with 63 total fish captured and tagged at two sites, Hwy
156 and the Pines. There were fish actively spawning or “lollygagging” at a few
other sites as well strongly suggesting that fish will continue to trickle onto
spawning sites even though the water temps are much lower than they were late
last week. We will continue to work fish wherever we find them – we like to
get as many fish tagged from as many sites as possible each year. Nothing again at
Shawano today, although I still expect fish to begin spawning at this site
within the next 3-6 days – we’ll see – these fish never tire at making a fool out of
me (they’ve been doing it for over twenty years; why stop now).


Read more here:

Ron Bruch’s Blog, Winnebago Lake Sturgeon

For more information contact:

  • Ron Bruch – (920)424-3059
  • Sturgeon HOTLINE – (920)303-5444
  • eMail Ron Bruch


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