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DECEMBER 04, 2010 |  SHOW #549
kylebigdeer• Gun deer-season wrap-up.
• Big bucks locked in mortal combat.
• Get ready for first ice!
• Smallmouths in South Africa? You betcha!


• Dan is still trying to shoot his first deer of the year.
• Jeff’s family cleans up on deer.




Do you think Wisconsin should allow concealed carry of handguns?
YES 42% | NO 4% | MAYBE 0% | UNDECIDED 0% | OTHER 0%


Now that the state Senate, Assembly and governor’s office will be controlled by the Republican party, do you trust the GOP to make the best decisions on state natural resource issues? (courtesy of Wisconsin Outdoor News

pollpicBACKGROUND: Madison — The November gubernatorial election will mean big changes for the DNR. At the top, a new DNR secretary is assured. Governor-elect Scott Walker will appoint a DNR secretary who has Republican connections. The current secretary, Matt Frank, was appointed by outgoing Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle. Whether the new DNR secretary comes out of the state Legislature or is someone in the conservation or legal fields remains to be seen.

Read more here.


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Jiffy Pro Staffer and fishing guide, shares some tips for first-ice tactics and safety.



of Columbus, Wisconsin, shares the amazing story of how he bagged a unique double big-buck-trophy on opening weekend. Watch some incredible footage of these bucks locked in mortal combat.



founder of Smallmouth Angler, reports on his month-long smallmouth adventure in South Africa and his new book, River Smallmouth Fishing.


Looking for Fishing Contests?   Find them ALL online @ American Fishing Contests



  • Dec. 4: Dan rides in the Sheboygan Falls Main Street Memories Holiday Parade, 4:00 p.m., downtown Sheboygan Falls. Look for Dan in the Wilderness Scout Hydrojet-Powered Canoe.
  • Dec. 4-5: Meet Outdoors Radio personality “Hardwater” Jeff Kelm at the Kenosha Gander Mountain Store. For more information, visit Jeff’s, “Hardwater” site.
  • Dec. 8: Walleyes Unlimited USA meeting, Root River Lanes, 7220 W. Rawson Ave., Franklin. 7:00 p.m. Steve Everetts will speak on Lake Delavan Open-Water Fishing. $5 cost to non-members. Contact: 262-781-0681.
  • Dec. 11-12: Meet Outdoors Radio personality “Hardwater” Jeff Kelm at the Sheboygan Gander Mountain Store. For more information, visit Jeff’s, “Hardwater” site.
  • Dec. 11: Waukesha Gander Mountain Store. 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Ice-fishing seminars by Jiffy Pro-Staffer Jim O’Brien. For more information visit Jim’s, “Dancing With Walleyes” site.

WISCONSIN Hunting & Fishing Seasons:

  • Dec. 5: Wisconsin southern zone duck season closes
  • Dec. 8: Wisconsin muzzleloader and metro zone deer seasons end
  • Dec. 9-12: Wisconsin antlerless deer season
  • Dec. 10: Deadline to apply for Wisconsin spring turkey and bear permits

Wisconsin is the nation’s leader in trophy deer

  • Wisconsin is the #1 state for Boone and Crockett record entries over the last 10 years.
  • Wisconsin is also the ALL-TIME leader in B&C entries at 790 deer.
  • Since 2000 Wisconsin hunters have placed 367 deer in the B&C record books. To qualify for B&C a deer must score 160 pts minimum – deer in this category represent less than 1% of all whitetails harvested.
  • Pope and Young shows more than 8,000 Wisconsin deer qualifying for their records making it #1 among states. The next closest state is Illinois at 5,000.

trophydeermapBoone & Crocket and Pope & Young have kept records of trophy-class whitetails for years. This compilation of the two record keeping organizations’ data base puts Wisconsin at the center of the world of white-tailed deer hunting. The darker the shade of red, the higher the number of record-book deer. Map compiled courtesy of Quality Deer Management Association. © Quality Deer Management Assoc.

Deer Hunting in Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin boasts the nation’s largest single season deer harvest ever recorded: 615,293 in the year 2000.
  • Deer hunting is big in Wisconsin. In 1966, 517,225 deer hunting licenses were sold and 116,048 deer were harvested—a success rate of 1 deer for every 4.5 licenses issued. The 2009 deer season ended with a statewide registered harvest of approximately 330,000 deer by 842,873 licenses – a success ratio of one deer for every 2.5 licenses issued.

In the Last Decade

  • In the last decade, more than 600,000 deer hunters have participated in deer hunting annually and harvested an average of 482,645 deer.
  • In 2006 there were 80 Deer Management Units that were designated as Herd Control or Earn-a-buck (EAB units also had the extra antlerless seasons typical of HC units.) In 2010, there are 51 DMUs in Herd Control and NO EAB outside of the CWD management zone. Net reduction in DMUs with extra gun seasons of 29.
  • Deer hunting contributes approximately $1 billion to the state’s economy annually.
  • Since the venison donation to food pantry program began in 2000, hunters have donated more than 73,000 deer, which were processed into over 3.3 million pounds of ground venison.

Hunter safety

  • In 1966, the year before hunter education was instituted in Wisconsin, there were 44 shooting incidents per 100,000 hunters. In 2009, there were eight hunting incidents for a rate of 1.25 per 100,000 hunters.
  • Wisconsin has the largest corps of volunteer hunter education instructors in North America – 5,630 active instructors provide 12,000 courses annually to more than 30,000 students.
  • Some time in the next year, Wisconsin will top 1 million in hunter education graduates.

White-tailed Deer

  • Adult deer can run as fast as 40 miles per hour and swim as fast as 13 miles per hour.
  • Nine states, including Wisconsin, have claimed the white-tailed deer as their state animal.
  • White-tailed deer are native to North and South America.
  • Female white-tail deer often begin breeding before they are two years old and typically give birth to one to three fawns per year.
  • The white-tailed deer fall breeding season – otherwise known as the rut – is the most likely time of year to encounter deer on the road. Dawn and dusk are the deer’s most active times of the day.

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