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NOVEMBER 13, 2010 |  SHOW #546
thiswkdbl• Bowhunters are tagging some big bucks.
• How to hunt well with others.
• Help prevent the spread of forest pests.

• Jeff sights in his rifle and gears up for ice-fishing season.
• Dan picks up several roadkills.




The JayHook is a nifty tool that can be used in a lot of hunting and outdoor settings.
It is essentially a J-shaped hook attached to a strap that can quickly be fastened to a tree, fencepost or other structure to hold a bow, quiver, gun, pack or other gear.
The JayHook’s square ring allows you to fasten it to a vertical or horizontal support.
The JayHook is especially useful in ecologically sensitive areas where nails, screws and spikes cannot or should not be used.
Rated to support 35 pounds, the hook is heat treated and coated with beeswax to inhibit rust.
JayHook also offers the JayHook Tree-Mate Double, with two hooks on the same strap, and the JayHook Outfitter, with three hooks on a longer strap.
An optional camera head attaches to the JayHook to hold a camera in any position. Now you can take a photo of yourself with that big buck!

Do you agree with Wisconsin’s 10-year-old minimum for the mentored hunt?
YES 67% | NO 22% | MAYBE 11% | UNDECIDED 0% | OTHER 0%



Governor-elect Scott Walker has proposed to appoint a “deer trustee” to oversee the DNR’s deer-management practices. Do you think this is a good idea?


Walker announced in September that if elected he would appoint a “deer trustee” to oversee the DNR’s management of the state’s white-tailed deer herd. deermngmt“Like most sportsmen, I’m tired of sitting in a deer stand all day and not seeing any deer,” said Walker. “As governor, I will name a ‘Whitetail Deer Trustee’ to monitor the health and population of the deer herd. That way, we take the politics out of the forest and put the deer back in.” What Walker did not say was that he has hunted deer for only the past two seasons. Read more here:

During the recent gubernatorial campaign, Walker claimed that Gov. Jim Doyle and the DNR have not put hunters first and have mismanaged the deer herd and as a result, “the deer population has dwindled.” PolitiFact Wisconsin rated Walker’s claims as “barely true.” Read more here:

Read more here …


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communications director for Wildlife Research Center, talks about using attractor scents during the gun deer season.



conservation warden with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, shares some advice for respecting other hunters in the woods this fall.



survey coordinator for the Wisconsin Emerald Ash Borer Response Program, explains how moving firewood can spread insect pests that kill trees.

eventscalLooking for Fishing Contests? Find them all online.



Deer Hunting Sight-In Clinics. Contact clubs for days and times:

WISCONSIN Hunting & Fishing Seasons:

  • Nov. 20 – gun deer season opens
  • Nov. 23 – duck season closes in northern zone


Deer hunters asked to submit deer, wildlife observations through online survey

MADISON – Hunting camp clocks are ticking away the hours to the opening of the 2010 gun deer season and with many deer hunters already in the woods bow hunting or scouting for the gun deer season, it’s a perfect time to send in deer observations to the Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey.

porcupineThe online survey was started in 2009 following examples from other states and with suggestions from hunters that the hours they spend in the woods and the wildlife they observe are valuable for identifying trends in wildlife abundance and distribution. There is also a place to submit trail-cam photos of less common species that may travel through an area, setting off trail cameras.

The survey asks deer hunters to report their hunting activity and share their observations of deer, raccoon, skunk, porcupine, red and gray fox, turkey, ruffed grouse, coyote, bear, otter, fisher, bobcat, house cat, badger, wolf, opossum, elk or any other wildlife seen where they hunt.

New this year is the ability of hunters to get a summary of their hunting activity and observations at the end of the survey period. All they have to do is provide their email address when they log their hunting activity and the DNR will send them a summary at the end of the survey period.

“Wisconsin hunters can help out by reporting their deer hunting activity, even if no deer or other wildlife were seen during their hunting trip,” said Jason Fleener, DNR assistant big game ecologist. “The greater the number of reported hunting trips, the clearer picture we’ll have of deer sighting rates and relative abundance of deer and other wildlife. Hunters can access the survey by clicking on the “Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey” button on the DNR’s website at dnr.wi.gov.”

Through Nov. 8 2010, 700 hunters had filed reports covering 2,237 hunting trips across all of Wisconsin’s
72 counties. Statewide, they averaged seeing one deer for every 2.6 hours in the woods during this early part of the deer hunting seasons. During the first 8 weeks of the 2009 deer season hunters were reporting 2.9 hours per deer sighting.

More detailed preliminary results from 2010 are available on the Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey web page, final results from the 2009 season can be found there as well. Periodically during the deer season the department will publish up-to-date deer observation numbers giving hunters a good snapshot of what they and others are seeing in their hunting area.

“Deer hunters told us they wanted to share their observations, to tell us what they’re seeing or not seeing in the woods, and we’re very interested in hearing from them,” said Fleener. “The real value of this effort grows as the numbers of reports add up year-after-year indicating trends in wildlife abundance and movement.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Jason Fleener (608) 261-7589

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